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FKA Twigs Producer Arca Has A New Song That’ll Rattle Your Cage

'Urchin' is mechanical and throbbing and kinda haunting.

If you've listened to the wobbly electronic music of Björk or Kelela this year, you've heard the work of Arca, the 25-year-old Venezuelan producer who co-created some of the fluid, pulsating jams on their records -- including premier slow jam "A Message."

Arca worked with Kanye West for some choice Yeezus cuts ("Blood On The Leaves" especially) in 2013, then helped shape the quietly stormy sound of FKA twigs' LP1 the following year. So, the dude's been around, lurking like the overhanging digital doom of his productions.

He's also been cranking out mixtapes and proper albums, too, including one called Mutant that dropped in November. These 20 tracks of glitchy chomping and hazy cavern exploration also comprise the framework for Arca's latest song, "Urchin," which popped up on Soundcloud on Tuesday.

This is Arca's second new track in just over a week, with the tiny, ominous "Monstruosidad" appearing just before Christmas.

The trajectory is clear: Follow Arca and see how electronic, experimental sounds continue to evolve and take shape into pop songs -- as odd and oblong and wonderfully strange as they may be.