Crazy Russian Hacker / YouTube

What Happens When You Mix Coke And Bleach?

Something vaguely terrifying, as it happens.

When you're sipping a tall, refreshing glass of Coca Cola, you're tasting a bevy of ingredients, from coriander to cinnamon to caramel color (the ingredient that gives it its midnight brown color). That last ingredient has been accused of being unsafe, but not too unsafe for 1.7 billion servings to be consumed every day.

So what if you mixed something really unsafe into Coke? What would happen?

Taras Kul, aka YouTuber Crazy Russian Hacker, uploaded a video where he does just that -- mixes bleach into a glass full of Coca Cola.

When he does, something pretty crazy happens: the soda seemingly disappears, leaving a full glass of (what looks like, but isn't) water in its wake. Since uploading his experiment only two days ago, it's been viewed over 2.7 million times. Which means some people are ~probably~ doing this at home.

So now, a PSA for those folks: Obviously this concoction Kul's made is not water. It's a big old glass of Coke and ? poisonous, poisonous ? bleach. So like, don't drink it.

That goes without saying, but since Kul waits until the end of the video to warn the audience, we'll say again anyway: ? Do ? Not ? Drink ? Bleach-y ? Coke ? That ? Looks ? Like ? Water. And like ... don't leave that around for someone else to find.

Watch the full video below.