First Days: A Look Back At Bentley's 'Teen Mom OG' School Adventures

Maci's boy has shared some smiles, and a few tears, during his educational endeavors.

One important, and exciting, part of growing up is attending those milestone "first days" -- and this feat is something Maci and her boy Bentley have experienced together through the years on "Teen Mom."

During this week's two-hour premiere episode -- and in the clip above -- the vivacious and multi-talented six-year-old began his adventures in the first grade. While the MTV kiddo was a bit sleepy when he got out of bed (hey, we've all been there), Benny -- along with his mama, Taylor and Baby Jayde -- appeared ready to begin this next academic chapter with that trademark terrific grin and some encouraging "good luck" words from the tiny tot (we think!).

In honor of Bentley's exciting educational milestone -- as well as Throwback Thursday -- we're taking a fond look back at the not-so-little guy's documented classroom moments. Watch them below, share your favorites in the comments and be sure to catch a brand-new episode featuring the bubbly student (and his loved ones) on Monday at 10/9c!

  • First day of daycare

    During Season 3, then-teen Maci was concerned that her toddler wasn't spending enough time with children his own age. At first, he adjusted well to his peers (and managed to smile widely during a sing-a-long) -- but he experienced some separation anxiety when his parent attempted to leave the premises. Ultimately, he was able to calm down and stop crying, but it was a bit rocky at the onset.

  • First day of pre-school

    Bentley (adorably) declared he didn't want to go to the program in this Season 4 episode -- and it wasn't exactly smooth sailing from that point forward. Just like in the previous clip, the hysterics began when Maci made a beeline for the exit. Ultimately, he made it through -- even though the morning was a bit difficult for Maci as well as Bentley.

  • First day of kindergarten

    "Oh my goodness, it's kindergarten" is RIGHT. The sweet-natured baseball player seemed raring and ready to learn during the last "Teen Mom OG" installment -- and even mentioned that soon enough, he would know how to read. But the teary-eyed roles certainly reversed during this first day: Maci was the one wiping her eyes in the car after saying goodbye to her firstborn.