Andres Tardio/MTV News

Kendrick Lamar + Mario Kart = Kendrick Lamariokart

K. Dot and Super Mario connect thanks to a mash-up.

Make way for another mash-up.

Someone named Jed K. on Bandcamp blended Kendrick Lamar and the "Mario Kart” theme song for “Kendrick Lamariokart.”

The track, which fuses the video game theme with "Swimming Pools (Drank)," is part of The Slop Sink: One Year (or so) of Mashups of Varying Quality. Check out the track below.

Want more of these?

Last year, someone else made a "Mario Kart" rap mash-up, according to Complex. That one, by YouTuber levarslaysdragons, used Drake's "0-100."