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Listen To This Rare Eminem And Royce Da 5'9" Freestyle From 1998

Bad Meets Evils.

How's this for a belated Christmas gift?

DJ Eclipse decided to release an entire episode of his "Halftime Show" from 1998, which clocks in at over two hours, jam-packed with rhymes that teleport you back to that time. About an hour and 25 minutes in, a young, hungry, pre-debut Eminem and his Bad Meets Evil partner-in-rhyme Royce da 5'9" hop on the mic to trade some wacky, lyrically dense verses.

In Eclipse's words:

Merry Christmas everyone! Here goes another Halftime show from ’98 with guests Eminem and Royce Da 5’9″ (85:53). Short interview right into the freestyle session (if only cats today were as hungry as the 90s generation). As usual, Riz sets off the show lovely and then half way through I get on to finish up. Always good listening to the mic breaks to see what was going on during that time (i.e. Tramps shows, Fat Beats in-stores, new mixer…thanks Fat Beats!) (52:25). So much good music played. Last mic break at 147:39. Enjoy.

Truly dedicated fans may recognize some of these bars -- Em's first verse, for instance, appeared on the 1999 Bad Meets Evil track "Scary Movies," and Royce's on "The Desert" -- but it's still incredible to hear these two toss the ball to one another, finish each others lines and rap over different beats.