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'Harry Potter' Fans, Here's What To Do With That Cupboard Under The Stairs

It's the new Room of Requirement.

Harry Potter's living situation at 4 Privet Drive may have been perfectly abnormal thank you very much, but for the J.K. Rowling faithful a built-in cupboard under the stairs can be quite the cozy little fan haven indeed.

A Pittsburgh, PA woman named Courtney McCarraher Bonnet‎, for example, transformed her new house's storage nook into a tribute to the Boy Who Lived and shared the results on Facebook.

While she didn't go exact with it and make a pint-sized bedroom for her orphaned nephew or anything -- because that would be cruel and no one should do that IRL ever -- she did outfit the small space with her favorite "Harry Potter" trinkets and plaster the walls with story pages (from previously damaged books, she notes) to create the perfect Boy Wizard-approved reading/chilling/hiding room.

From the outside, it looks like any other ordinary closet cranny.

But then when you open the door, the signage acts as the house doorkeeps and swears away all muggles.

Once inside, the Potterphilia is strong with this room, thanks to Harry's wanted poster and page upon magical page of wall decor.

Hedwig, per usual, is totally the lumos of the place.

Our minds are completely flipendo-ed by this idea. Talk about keeping your fandemonium tucked away.

Oh, and for those of us who don't happen to conveniently have a cupboard under the staircase waiting for the right owner to see it for its wizardous potential, there's always the bedroom potential to make you sleep oh so tight.

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