'Teen Mom OG' Dilemma: Should Tyler Go To A Strip Club During His Bachelor Party?

Catelynn wasn't too fond of the idea.

Imminent grooms can be known for making a trip to a strip club (or multiple venues of the same nature) during their bachelor party -- and Tyler voiced his desire to do so during his special bash before saying "I do" to Catelynn. But during this week's "Teen Mom OG" two-part episode, the young mother expressed her concerns about her fiancé going to this type of establishment with his friends. So should he reconsider his plans or move forward with his original venue idea?

Before making an argument for both aforementioned points, here's what unfolded between the soon-to-be Baltierras: With their wedding date just around the corner, the parents discussed how they wanted to celebrate one of their last nights before becoming husband and wife -- and both revealed that they wanted a joint affair with their nearest and dearest. But when Tyler said he wanted to go to a gentleman's club in Detroit -- and that they could meet up after initially starting the festivities separately -- Cate wasn't too enthused.

"But knowing you guys, you guys will be all wasted and we won't meet up with you for hours because it will take too long," she stressed. "I think it would be fun to have everyone all together -- all of our childhood friends."

After thinking about it further -- and discussing with a pal how Catelynn "shouldn't be pissed" and the guys only needed a short period of time with some scantily clad ladies -- Tyler told Catelynn that he would be going to a strip club. When their producer Jessica heard Tyler's statement -- and Cate's simple reply of "okay" -- she couldn't help but ask what was running through Cate's head and how she was really feeling.

"I just think boys are going to be boys -- and a lot of guys these days are a**holes and you can't trust them to do anything," Cate elaborated, while adding that every girl probably wonders why would her man want to look at other women.

"I want you to get a d**k in your face, with a male stripper," he responded. "Just do it!"

Unsurprisingly, Catelynn balked at his suggestion. But a big question looms: Should Tyler actually go to the strip club during his bachelor party? The thought of having her future husband at a strip club makes Catelynn visibly uncomfortable -- and he has also admitted that there is a chance he could get "blackout" and lose control of the situation. So should he listen to his longtime love and re-jigger his arrangements? Or does Cateylnn need to be more understanding of his once-in-a-lifetime event and remember her trust in him? Share your thoughts, and see how it all turns out during next week's "Teen Mom OG" episode on Monday at 10/9c!