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Iggy Azalea Just Teased Her New Single On Twitter, And The Intensity Is Real

The bass is definitely thumpin' on this new track.

There's a lot of anxiety floating around the music community, thanks to the many A-listers taking their dear, sweet time with new music releases -- or any release information at all, for that matter.

But in a world of fans being left in the dark, one artist came forward this weekend and shed some light on her fans.

No, it's not Rihanna, Kanye, or Frank Ocean. Sorry.

It's Iggy Azalea, and she's continuing her standard routine of releasing information via fan Q&A on Twitter -- first with the lead single title, then a bit of personal elaboration regarding the track.

But hold your horses Iggy fans, "Team" isn't exactly right around the corner.

Sometimes a fan begging "please" just isn't enough to force a rush-release. Fortunately for Iggy's followers, the rapper released a brief snippet of the track today on Twitter.

Iggy Azalea's upcoming album is titled Digital Distortion, and has yet to receive a release date.