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Break Your Beatles Streaming Rut With 10 Deep(er) Cuts To Love

The hits are great, but there's so much more...

It was a Christmas miracle. On Dec. 24, after years of waiting, The Beatles' catalog was finally made available on streaming services. And the world flipped out -- rightfully. The Fab Four's discography has been notoriously hard to get ahold of digitally, having held out till 2010 to make their music available on iTunes.

But the British Invasion smiled once again on us anglophiles, and we smiled back, already adding Beatles tunes to 673,000 playlists on Spotify alone. And 65 percent of those streaming the Beatles are under 34!

Spotify released the Top 10 most streamed songs, which, as expected, are some of the band's greatest hits. And while they're undeniably fantastic tunes, The Beatles' catalog is so huge and so diverse that for every "Come Together" there's an equally awesome, perhaps less well-known tune that deserves its share of the streams. Get ready for a deep(er) dive into one of the greatest bands in rock history.

  1. If you like "Come Together"... might like "Rocky Raccoon."

  2. If you like "Hey Jude"... might like "A Day In The Life."

  3. If you like "Here Comes The Sun"... might like "Good Day Sunshine."

  4. If you like "Let It Be"... might like "You Never Give Me Your Money."

  5. If you like "Twist And Shout"... might like "I Saw Her Standing There."

  6. If you like "Blackbird"... might like "Norwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown).

  7. If you like "I Want To Hold Your Hand"... might like "I'm Down."

  8. If you like "In My Life"... might like "I Will."

  9. If you like "She Loves You"... might like "All My Loving."

  10. If you like "Help!"... might like "Hey Bulldog."