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Jon Snow Danced To 'Hotline Bling,' Which Means 2015 Is Officially Over Now

OK, not that Jon Snow, but Jon Snow regardless!

Drake's "Hotline Bling" encapsulated 2015 in a way no other song could, which is why MTV crowned it the Best Song of the Year. The main reason for its staying power is that it became so much more than just a song -- it became a meme.


And if there were a television character equivalent of "Hotline Bling" -- the TV Drake, basically -- it would have to be one who stayed on our collective radars all year, permeating our conversations and never fleeing too far from our minds. In short, it would have to be the hands-down Best TV Character of 2015. So, yeah, it would have to be Game Of Thrones' Jon Snow.


But what happens when Jon Snow meets "Hotline Bling"? Does the Internet simply implode, leaving a scatterplot of shredded colors and snarky comments in its wake? Do we take it as a sign that we should all pack it in and go home now? Answer: Honestly, I don't even know anymore.

But it happened (thought with a different Jon Snow entirely).

This Jon Snow is decidedly not a member of the Night's Watch, but a 68-year-old Channel 4 News presenter in the U.K. On the channel's "The Big Fat Quiz Of The Year" recently, BuzzFeed points out, Snow went full Drizzy and got down with "Hotline Bling," making his own lil dance that's at least partially indebted to Drake's OG routine.

It's no coincidence that this Jon Snow/"Hotline Bling" crossover would occur at the very tail end of 2015. With this particular video, it's clear: RIP "Hotline Bling." Here's to a new year free of new dances and parodies and covers -- ah, who are we kidding? The song's chances of dying are about as good as the real Jon Snow's. In other words, not very good.

Jon Snow lives. And so does "Hotline Bling."