This 6-Year-Old Boy Chose To Help The Homeless Instead Of Getting Christmas Presents

You don't have to be out of kindergarten to honor the spirit of Christmas.

It’s hard to remember that Christmas is all about giving, not getting -- especially when you’re still in kindergarten.

But a 6-year-old boy from California named Alex recently embraced the spirit of the holiday, opting to have his parents help out the homeless instead of giving him presents.

Alex noticed a man sleeping under a bridge in his hometown of Bakersfield and wanted to know more about his life. "He had a lot of questions,” his mom, Machelle Hovater, told a local news station. "He wanted to know if that's where he lived and what he would eat and how he would stay warm."

His mom told him that the man likely didn’t have the means to eat much or stay warm, but the only way they could afford to help out would be if they skipped a few Christmas presents. Alex had no trouble making his decision.

“OK, we’ll help them out,” he said.

Alex and his parents put together eight care packages of food, water and jackets and took them directly to local homeless people living on the street.

"We tend to want to give our kids everything," Machelle said. "Growing up with that sense of entitlement and that sense of 'I want, I want, I want,' we kind of lose sight of what Christmas and what giving really truly is."

She encouraged others to follow in Alex’s example with the hashtag #AlexGivingChallenge -- and it looks like other kids have been inspired to give back for the holidays, too.

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