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Cara Delevingne Dressed Up Like A Turkey For Christmas

She really brought the weird to 'Love' magazine's advent calendar.

This year's Love magazine advent calendar has really been keeping us on our toes. From Kendall Jenner dressing up like a hammerhead shark to Zendaya's psychedelic dance break, every video continues to surprise us -- but Cara Delevingne's might just take the cake.

In the video, Cara goes about an average day: waking up, brushing her teeth, working out, the usual. Except she has a turkey mask on her head the entire time and a robotic male voice narrates everything she does. Yeah. It's weird as hell.

It's by far the most bizarre video in the advent series so far, even beating out Kendall hanging out in a forest fire while wearing lingerie. To see the whole thing for yourself (and trust us, you need to) head over to Love magazine's website.

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