Lilly Singh / YouTube

Lilly Singh Reveals The 5 Foolproof Things That Make A Girl Swoon

Bring her food and she'll love you forever.

Lilly Singh, YouTube's IISuperwomanII, speaks the truth and nothin' but the truth in her latest video, "5 Things Guys Do That Girls Love." Singh teamed up with D-Trix for the clip, which explains all the little things fellas can do to make any girl swoon.

"I am not looking for a relationship right now," Singh clarified at the beginning of the video. "I have no interest in putting my time or effort into another person, nor do I need another person to put energy into me, OK? Because that's what granola bars are for." ?

"Even though I'm pretty solid on that decision," Singh continued, "from time to time a guy will do something, and my heart will try to convince my brain to think differently."

Examples include a fierce cologne (?) and dancing moves that rival Justin Bieber's (??). Watch the very hilarious and totally accurate video below.