'Joking Off' Proves That Even A Non-Thug Photo Can Be Made Thug

Comics discuss Chris Brown, Hitler jokes and way more on "MTV2's Joking Off."

Just when you thought Chris Brown and Hitler jokes were dead, the pro comics of "MTV2's Joking Off" are here to prove you wrong. This week's episode featured games like "Hashtag," in which a hashtag flashed on the screen and teams had to explain its origin...

"Thug Life," in which a non-thug photo came up and teams had to explain why it was, in fact, thug...

And "Step To This," in which one team member had to describe to the other what kind of dancing was happening on the screen so they could emulate it.

Jokes included what Chris Brown would look like if he visited a women's homeless shelter and who, exactly, wears Hitler pajamas. Watch contestants discuss the highs and lows of the show below, and be sure to tune in to "MTV2's Joking Off", Wednesday's on MTV2 at 11:30/10:30c.

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