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Dylan And Cole Sprouse's 21 Suitest Moments From 2015

This was definitely a major year for the Sprouse twins.

Even though Dylan and Cole Sprouse quit playing Zack and Cody Martin on "The Suite Life of Zack and Cody" and its spinoff "The Suite Life on Deck," we still tend to think of them as the adorable twin boys running amuck through the Tipton's hotel lobby. Except, they're not those characters anymore. They finished Disney Channel and went on to attend college in New York City. They grew up.

And throughout 2015, they've entertained fans with reunions, throwback pics and fake Twitter battles. This was a damn good year for the Sprouse twins (and their fans), so let's take a look back at some of their year's highlights -- which may or may not include several silly shenanigans.

  1. For starters, the twins graduated from New York University...

    Both graduated from NYU's Gallatin School of Individualized Study, with Dylan studying video game design and Cole pursuing archeology.

  2. ...and proved they really are Zack and Cody IRL.

    Cole told Teen Vogue, "We actually received each other’s diplomas," which is the most Zack and Cody thing I've ever heard. And why not? They saw their shot and took it.

  3. Cole won Halloween 2015.

    This is hands down the best cosplay of Milo Thatch from Disney's "Atlantis: The Lost Empire." Don't even bother looking up other cosplayers — Cole won, everybody go home.

  4. Although, Dylan's couples costume with girlfriend Dayna Frazer is just as epic.

    While Cole's costume was from a kids movie, Dylan's was from one of the most controversial films of the '90s, aka "Natural Born Killers."

  5. They reunited with Phill Lewis (Mr. Moseby) and rocked the scarf game.

    Also, it's very strange seeing how much taller than Lewis the boys are now, since that definitely wasn't the case on "The Suite Life." How time flies.

  6. And they reunited with Ashley Tisdale (Maddie Fitzpatrick) and our Disney hearts burst.

    "I love seeing these boys. My little brothers have grown into such smart, talented, and genuinely great people," captioned Tisdale. D'awww! Several months later, Dylan and Tisdale met up again, but sadly, Cole was not pictured.

  7. Cole snapped a really awesome pic of Debby Ryan.

    This means these "Suite Life on Deck" costars hung out and stuff. (Seriously where is our "Zack and Cody" reunion, hmm?) Ryan captioned this, "@colesprouse wanted you guys to see my freckles. #postmoreportraits."

  8. In September, Dylan announced he was returning to acting.

    After taking a break from acting to pursue his college degree, Dylan hit the film ground running by starring in something unlike he's ever done before. Called "Dismissed," the thriller is currently slated to debut in 2016, according to IMDb.

  9. Cole managed to make fun of Trump while simultaneously explaining how his photography is serious with one single picture.

    "Based on how I normally caption my photography, you guys probably think I'm a really serious guy. I'm not. And I'm serious about how I'm not a serious guy," the 23-year-old wrote on Instagram.

    "That being said, I do take my photography seriously. And if you're looking for an endless stream of selfies or something a little more lighthearted, I suggest you check out my other Instagram accounts : @camera_duels and @sprousemasterworks. My brother and I normally treat our social media accounts as comedy toilets, this is not one of those accounts. Also, I don't like posting pictures of myself to be quite honest. The only reason I do it, is for those of you that have a coal burning stove. #IfYouCatchMyDrift. I've spent most of my life in front of a camera, and if you're looking for more pics of me, you can just google Cole Sprouse, Taylor Swift or Anna Kendrick. Also please don't vote Trump. Go Bernie."

  10. About a month ago, Dylan called out Cole for all his shirtless photos.

    After seeing these ??? pics, Dylan tweeted at his bro, "How many pictures of yourself do you need to post a day Narcissus," to which Cole said, "I thought half of these were of you?!" All of the yes, guys. All of the yes.

  11. Cole made a perfect "SpongeBob SquarePants" reference.

    "Oh the pioneers used to ride these babies for miles. And it's in great shape," captioned Cole. True, this is not a life-changing moment, but it's bloody brilliant and everyone needs to appreciate it, alright?

  12. Dylan learned where he stood in the "Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon" conundrum.

    Can you beat his score? Nope, you probably can't. :(

  13. Cole held nothing back when he wrote this truly LOL-worthy tweet about his bro.

    Damn, son. How can you just call someone out like that?

  14. Unrelated to the tweet above, Dylan let the world know about Cole's cell phone addiction.

    "'Oh hey, didn't see ya there. I was so busy looking at my phone.' -Cole, at every meal," joked Dylan. We can't hold this against Cole, though. Raise your hand if you've ever mentally checked out of a meal/conversation, thanks to the allure of your phone. ?

  15. Long overdue, Dylan finally became verified on Instagram.

    And now it looks like things will pick back up again with his grandmother. Glad to hear it. #FamilyFirst

  16. Dylan freaked out fans by hanging out on set of a current Disney Channel show during the fall.

    Benjamin Royer, who stars on "Best Friends Whenever" with his twin brother Matthew, wrote on Instagram, "It was very cool meeting the one an only @Dylansprouse today. He gave me great advice and I hope to see him again." Sharing the same pic on his own account, Matthew wrote, "Thank You Dylan For Visiting Set Today!"

  17. And Cole also threw fans for a loop when he shared this punny, nostalgic tweet.

    Everyone calm down, no official "Suite Life" reunion has been confirmed... YET.

  18. The brothers had this, um, unusual exchange on Twitter that we're still not sure how to process.

    Basically, they're still the goobers we fell in love with during their Disney Channel days. Another ~interesting~ thing that happened on the internet this year was Dylan's Reddit comment on a pic of "Suite Life" costar Brenda Song. But, you know, whatever.

  19. More importantly, Dylan answered the long-wondered question about his IMDb photo.

    "They asked me when I want to change my imdb photo. To which I said 'no need,'" Dylan wrote. Welp, glad that's now settled.

  20. And Cole answered the question we didn't know we needed: Where did he go to middle school?

    Jeez, I wish my middle school picture had turned out that adorable.

  21. Lastly, they both shared super cute throwback pics, complete with bowl cuts.

    Proof they never take themselves too seriously, and we wouldn't want them any other way.

Congrats on a fantastic year, Dylan and Cole. Here's to an even better one in 2016!