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One Of This Year’s Most Popular Holiday Gifts? Guns

On Black Friday alone, the FBI processed 185,345 background checks — a new record.

The recent terror attacks in San Bernardino and Paris, coupled with an ongoing conversation around increasing gun control, have apparently inspired an interesting interpretation of holiday cheer: This year, many Americans are opting to buy guns, and give guns to their loved ones.

NBC's "Today" reports, "Last month, the FBI ran more than 2.2 million firearm background checks on potential buyers, a 24 percent increase from November 2014. On Black Friday, a record 185,345 background checks were processed by the FBI."

But just how does Second Amendment Santa ship firearms from person-to-person? "Giving a gun as a gift to another person within your own state is allowed under federal law and, in many states, the recipient is not required to get a background check," "Today" reports. "The exchange has to be a gift, as so-called 'straw purchases' are illegal, meaning the recipient cannot pay the person back for buying him or her a gun."

If a parent wants to give their child a firearm, it wouldn't take a holiday miracle to make that a reality. According to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms And Explosives, "persons less than 18 years of age may only receive and possess handguns with the written permission of a parent or guardian for limited purposes, e.g., employment, ranching, farming, target practice or hunting."

Happy holidays!

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