'Daddy's Home' Star Mark Wahlberg Shows Us His Daddy Skills

Be very afraid.

With reporting by Josh Horowitz

In his new movie "Daddy's Home," Mark Wahlberg plays a tough-as-nails patriarch who would fight to the death to win back his estranged wife (Linda Cardellini) and their adorable two children. The only problem is, of course, that the family has moved on with the bumbling Brad, played by Will Ferrell.

To be honest, Wahlberg's character does some not-so-nice things for the sake of fatherhood in the film. So when MTV News caught up with him at a recent press day, we played a quick round of "Who's Your Daddy" to let Wahlberg clear his name, and reveal what kind of father he truly is, IRL.

Unfortunately, things went downhill. Fast.

"Daddy's Home" hits theaters on December 25.