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Ed Sheeran’s Already Planning For Fatherhood, Basically

He bought his parents a new flat so they can chill with his future babies.

Ed Sheeran began his yearlong social media sabbatical just over a week ago, but you know what doesn't ever take a hiatus? Being a good son to your parents. Yeah, that's right. (I love you, mom.)

The freshly Grammy-nominated "Thinking Out Loud" singer recently purchased a new home for his parents in London, located directly across from his own flat, and got them a new car, too.

"My thing is, I bought a house about a mile away from them where we live in a countryside," Ed told The Sun, "and I bought a flat and a house pretty much opposite each other in London."

Ed has done the same thing any redheaded amateur Santa Claus would do, gifting those who gifted him the gift of life with a new gift wherein they can live and prosper well into their golden years. But there's a hidden motive to his actions, too.

“So when I have kids, when they start getting a little bit irritating, I’ve got the grandparents there," he said. Classic bait and switch.

Basically, Ed's already begun planning for fatherhood. When can we expect tiny Sheerios running around the streets of London, being chased by a frazzled Ed and his even more frazzled parents? Short answer: Not soon enough.