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'Point Break' Star Édgar Ramírez Doesn't Make Movies For Anyone But Himself

Stop negging him about "Point Break."

Reporting by Josh Horowitz

Édgar Ramírez just wants to have fun. That's been the guiding principle of his career since the '90s. He makes films for himself, and no one else. And because of his philosophy, he's done it all, from big budget action movies, to critically acclaimed dramas, and even a few box office flops. That, Ramírez says, is the point of acting.

"You can't predict whether films are going to be good or whether they're going to be successful, but you commit to an idea," he told MTV News. "You commit to an expectation. You commit to a dream that is collective... It's what lets me sleep at night because I know, regardless of the result, I did the best film that I could."

Critics called the 38-year-old Venezuelan actor a breakout star in 2010 after his portrayal of a Latin Revolutionary in "Carlos," which earned him a Golden Globe nom, but they were perplexed by his next career move.

""After 'Carlos' when I won the César Award in France, I remember this guy, standing up, said, Édgar, why would you go from one of the best films in the decade, 'Carlos,' to do something so different like 'Wrath of the Titans?'" Ramírez said. "And I said, 'Well, you got your answer. It's because it's fun.'"

"I want to have fun," he added. "I want to do a movie against a green screen and try new technologies. I want to also challenge my acting muscles in that way. I'm not cynical about this."

With both "Joy" and "Point Break" opening on Christmas Day, audiences will get to see two very different sides of Ramírez -- and that's just how the actor likes it.

"I don't have intellectual pretensions. I'm not an intellectual. I'm a person who's very privileged and I want to have fun. I took on 'Point Break' because I loved the character."