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Is 'Pretty Little Liars' Ending After Season 7?

Creator Marlene King clarifies her previous statements.

Chill, Internet: "Pretty Little Liars" may not be ending after Season 7 -- or at least that's what creator Marlene King says, despite comments that, at first, seemed to indicate otherwise.

King recently spoke with Variety and hinted at a possible end in sight for "PLL," saying "I think that this story when we're back will end next year at the at end of Season 7."

Her (extremely vague) statement wasn't that surprising, considering that King and the cast of "PLL" have been candid about this in past interviews. Last October, Lucy Hale told E! News, "There are rumors that there might be a movie, but yeah, seven seasons and we'll definitely end the show." Meanwhile, back in August, King said, "There are two final twists, and we've got 30 episodes to deliver them," implying that the end of Season 7 would give us the Uber A reveal we've been waiting for.

While Season 7 might bring about the end of the A saga, that doesn't mean the show is over.

Earlier this morning (Dec. 23), King shut down these rumors with one perfect tweet: "What I said was 'This Uber A story that starts on January 12 will end when season 7 ends.' I did not say PLL will end. Just sayin 4 real."

So, here's what we know: "Pretty Little Liars" as we know it now is ending with Season 7, but that doesn't mean the show won't be renewed for an eighth season and beyond. Whether they decide to reboot the show entirely, with a new cast and new central mystery, or wrap up the Liars' stories with that much-hyped movie, it's up to King and ABC Family (soon to be Freeform) -- after all, they're the ones will all of the secrets.