Watch Darling Parade Perform On 'Artist To Watch Live'

Hey there, kids! Welcome to the final Artist To Watch Live event of 2013, featuring O Music Awards winners, Darling Parade!

This pop/rock band – fronted by vocal powerhouse Kristin Kearns — resides in Nashville, Tennessee, but retreated to a remote location in Kentucky to pen their debut LP, Battle Scars And Broken Hearts. To fund the album – replete with crashing soon-to-be classics like “Ghost” – the band turned to Kickstarter, where they raised $16,000 from their eager fans. The album officially dropped in April.

As you can see, the band has a lot to celebrate in 2013, so you should probably rock up to start ringing in the New Year early with them tonight.

The band will take the stage at Artist To Watch Live right here at MTV Hive at 8:00 p.m. EST. On-demand footage will also be available hereabouts immediately afterward.