Potpourri Of Pearls Warns Against The Bad 'Boyfriend' In New Video

One boyfriend is better than none, amirite? Not so if you're talking about the beau depicted in Potpourri of Pearls' new video for "Boyfriend," off of their upcoming sophomore record, We Went to Heaven.

Directed by lead singer Adam Chad Brody -- who studied film at UCLA -- the video is a rather simple affair, featuring Rocky Horror-esque lips singing the tense jam in extreme closeup and flowers burning to ash.

"[The song is a] soap opera bad boyfriend narrative: You want him, want to save him, but he will destroy himself and take you down with him," Brody told MTV News. "The bad boyfriend always brings flowers, but they are on fire. They are still beautiful but they are dangerous -- just like his madness."

"Boyfriend" comes off of the band's next record, whose name, We Went To Heaven, was inspired by the Heaven's Gate cult -- so you just know the rest of the record is going to be as uplifting as this jam/vid.

We Went To Heaven drops on February 11, 2014.