The Younger Lovers Blow Bubbles & Hula Hoop In 'Hey Now' Video

Rarely does an artist create a music video that makes us just want to reach through the screen and pinch his/her cheeks. Well, congrats to The Younger Lovers  for doing just that in their video for "Hey Now," off of their upcoming LP, Sugar In My Pocket.

The vid is a simple affair, featuring frontman Brontez Purnell bopping around: hula hooping, guitar strumming, dancing with a bouquet of flowers and popping bubblegum. The focal point of the whole deal -- save some waving tropical flowers -- Purnell embodies the bouncy jam, which is replete with driving guitars and a hand-clappy beat.

The musician's tongue-in-cheek playfulness comes as no surprise when you take a look at his musical background. Purnell cut his teeth in the San Francisco music scene playing with fun folks like Seth Bogart -- in dance group Gravy Train!!! -- and touring with Kathleen Hanna's Le Tigre.

Like Bogart and Hanna -- who started Hunx and His Punx and The Julie Ruin, respective -- Purnell decided to shake up his sound after marinating in the dance scene, putting together the poppier act, Younger Lovers, who are now on their third LP.

We're looking forward to hula hooping along when it drops next month.

Sugar In My Pocket is out on December 10 via Southpaw Records.