Wild Cub Plan To Work Their Asses Off At Artist To Watch Live Tonight

If we haven't yet convinced you to tune in for tonight's Artist To Watch Live event with Wild Cub, this oughta tip the scales in their favor: The dudes have promised to work their asses off for your enjoyment.

"That's our goal -- to work our ass off every single night," lead singer Keegan DeWitt told Hive.  "We're not too cool to play for people. We enjoy it and it's such a privilege to do it every single night. And we're like, 'How do we show that? How do we let people know that these songs are real and that we care about them just as much as you might care about them?'"

The guys will be playing jams from their debut record -- which is set to be re-issued on January 21 -- at the Studio at Webster Hall tonight. That record, instead of dealing with straight-up nostalgia (as the title may suggest) is more about what DeWitt calls "the sad little happiness," a term he gleaned from author Walker Percy that refers to brief snippets of time, rather than major life events.

“[Lyrics are] more about these kind of little glimpses — like a shutter just opening and capturing these tiny things rather than saying, ‘Here’s our scene and it’s these characters and this is happening,’” DeWitt said.  ”Instead it’s the shirt someone’s wearing and this thing and how warm it is outside and a glimpse or where you are or where you’re going to or whatever. Those things are a lot more evocative and let people kind of thicken the story with their own presumptions and their own backstory, rather than me telling it to them.”

You'll get the chance to experience these glimpses firsthand tonight, as well as watch the boys work those aforementioned asses off on stage. The show goes down right here on MTV Hive at 8 p.m. EST, so get ready to sweat -- or at least watch Wild Cub do so.