Tomorrow's Tulips Host Lactose-Tolent Makeouts In 'Mr. Sun' Video

We don't envy the clean-up job that inevitably followed the party depicted in Tomorrow's Tulips' video for "Mr. Sun," off of their sophomore album, Experimental Jelly.

"We had a really old light catch on fire," lead singer and longboard surfer Alex Knost said of the making of the video.  "Also a couple of our friends starting making out with a bunch of milk in their mouths.... It's still a mess."

The laconic chaos inherent in that brief description of the video pretty much sums it up. The vid brings the viewer into a kind of tripped-out party, where everyone is on a mission all their own: Knost drinks a ton of beer as confetti swirls around his face, some chick get gluttonous with a bunch of bananas, a long-haired dude leers and vogues in a frilly dress, and the aforementioned friends drink a ton of milk -- both from the bottle and from each other's mouths. All the while, the frame refracts and twists like an even more tripped-out kaleidoscope.

"[We wanted] to create a performance that reflects the song's narrative, and document it in a way that accentuates any 'surreal' attributes," Knost said of the video, which was directed by Knost and Taylor Bonin.

And the video certainly does just that. While it features tangible elements from the song -- the lyrics "a telephone doesn't answer itself" is paired with an image of a telephone, "instead of eating fruit at home" is represented by just that, and Mr. Sun's sunglasses are worn throughout -- the vid follows about as much of a narrative as the song does.

And it's a narrative that is languid and pleasantly muddled, cut through with flash-frame seriousness like, "I've only just come to sympathize with rationalities dressed up in disguise," and "Complexities are only just in our dreams, where you can't ever catch a cold or what you like."

Yup, we're guessing the clean-up after this party was pretty intense -- both the physical removal of mess and the psychological repair of everything else.

Experimental Jelly is out now on Burger Records.