Wild Cub Is All About The 'Sad Little Happiness'

Although you might expect an album called Youth to be straight-up story-song autobiographical, for Nashville-based band Wild Cub, songwriting is all about impressions and moments rather than straight-forward yarn-weaving.

"I was compelled by some of the New Wave-y filmmakers who were experimenting with the idea of flat narrative and not having these big peak moments, but instead these kind of subtle things," lead singer Keegan DeWitt told Hive of the band's debut album, slated for a re-issue from Mom + Pop on January 21, 2014.

"And I started to read a lot of Southern writers like Walker Percy and he'd talk about this thing called 'the sad little happiness,' which I think was really just a compelling sentence to me, the idea of these moments where they aren't quite something, but they are still something and they have these big meanings, but they're not the big argument," he said.

Youth is, consequently, replete with little flashes of feelings, barely recalled moments surfaced while half-asleep in the back of a car during a midnight drive. (Did we mention these guys write great driving tunes?)

"[Lyrics are] more about these kind of little glimpses -- like a shutter just opening and capturing these tiny things rather than saying, 'Here's our scene and it's these characters and this is happening,'" DeWitt said.  "Instead it's the shirt someone's wearing and this thing and how warm it is outside and a glimpse or where you are or where you're going to or whatever. Those things are a lot more evocative and let people kind of thicken the story with their own presumptions and their own backstory, rather than me telling it to them."

You'll get the chance to weave your own story -- courtesy of Wild Cub's jams -- this Friday, November 22, at 8:00 p.m. EST, when the guys hit the stage for our next Artist To Watch Live event. Tune in right here!

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