Turn On Your Love Light With Portals’ Guest Mix For MTV Hive

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This week’s exclusive guest mix for MTV Hive comes from the fine folks over at Portals, a music community dedicated to giving independent artists and curators a place to share their unique voices.

A remarkably talented group of contributors from across the globe, Portals puts an unprecedented amount of care into everything they do -- be it their album reflections, live events or artist residencies, their love for music is deep-seated.

“This mix articulates our current tastes, which are as varied as our day-to-day locales, and our shared appreciation for the music that impacts us," Creative Director Tyler Andere told Hive.

Highlights include a stunning live Emily Reo performance of "Spell" as well as cuts from Yuno, Braids, Pure Bathing Culture and more.

“We talk about the music we care about the way we experience it—as it individually affects us,” Andere added.

Become part of the Portals family today and dive into the exclusive mix below:

01. Onno Vader - "African Village"

02. Yuno - "Grapefruit"

03. Gilligan Moss - "Choreograph"

04. BRAIDS - "In Kind"

05. Future Death - "Bath Salts"

06. SK Kakraba Band - "Africa Mama"

07. Abhi & Dijon - "What Changed"

08. R.L. Kelly - "Life's a Bummer"

09. SALES - "Renee"

10. Takako Minekawa & Dustin Wong - "Party On a Floating Cake"

11. Arnold - "Plus and Minus"

12. Pure Bathing Culture - "Ever Greener"

13. Emily Reo - "Spell" (Live Performance/Portals Session)