Dude York Delivers On 'Cannibal' Track


It’s hard to definitively say Walla Walla, Washington -- with its onion fields, Washington State Penitentiary looming in the distance, and intrepid cartoon vacuum cleaner salesmen -- has very much of a youth culture. It didn’t seem to affect Peter Richards and Andrew Hall very much, anyway, who formed the band Dude York in 2009 -- despite the fact that Hall had never previously played drums. We've got the first taste -- pun intended -- of their sound today, with our premiere of their new track "Cannibal."

The small-town tradition of a band playing their hearts out to songs that catalog the mundane existence of life permeates Dude York’s debut album, Dehumanize. Though the members of Dude York eventually made their way to Seattle, some themes are just unshakable.

The bouncy guitar-pop of Dehumanize is offset by the heaviness of “Cannibal,” the first taste of the album, throwing Richards’s half-sing, half-shout into the mix with Clare England’s propulsive bassline and the powerful drumming of Hall. Accompanied by squealing and squalling guitars, the song serves as a self-uplifting anthem of sorts, more about possessing the intensity to get what you want rather than serving up Hannibal Lecter gourmet.

Dehumanize will be out January 28th via Help Yourself Records.