Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin Does The Robot All Over Japan In 'Unearth' Video

Choreographing a music video is serious business -- luckily, Missouri band Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin brought in the big guns for their vid for "Unearth," off of their most recent record, Fly By Wire. And who is this mysterious maestro of movement? A little dancing robot dude, of course.

"I think tour music videos are inherently boring," the band's Philip Dickey told Hive. "We had no intention of making one until my wife found this little dancing robot at a novelty shop in Kobe, Japan."

Over the course of tour, the band busted out the robot at shows, toting him to tourist spots and karaoke bars as well. His journey is documented in the video as the little guy undulates to the jangly tune, band members also taking a crack at biting his smooth moves.

"We knew we had a winner when we took him to Miyajima," Dickey said. "It's a tiny island outside of Hiroshima with a huge amount of shrines, temples, and tame deer."

No strangers to travel, the band penned Fly By Wire after headlining Ekaterinburg, Russia's Old New Rock Festival in January, at the behest of their namesake himself. They plan to release a documentary about the experience, titled Discussions With Russians, soon. We can only hope the robot dude makes a cameo.

Fly By Wire is out now on Polyvinyl.