Tim Kasher's 'Truly Freaking Out' Video Has Us Freaking Out About Bike Safety

Selfies are usually horrifying aberrations, but in Tim Kasher's new music video for "Truly Freaking Out," the wobbly introspection of the self-snap actually kind of works. And by "kind of," we mean "really."

"I shot this on an iPhone in Dallas, an hour here and there while John Congleton was mixing the record," Kasher (of Cursive fame) told MTV News, referring to his new solo LP Adult Film. "Mostly, I just really liked the wobble effect on the bike tires, and couldn't stop shooting it."

Opening with erratic, almost sickening shots of the bike's handlebars, the scenery and the road, the video highlights the manic tension in Kasher's voice as he wails, "And I know, I know, I know the end is near/ And I know because the storm clouds have appeared upon your brow when I come around."

Kasher's faces swims in and out of view as he pedals and sings, night falling and the road stretching out ahead of him, slashed through with streetlights. As he rides, his ruminations get darker and darker, concluding with the sentiment, "This life's a dirty prick, but still, I'm glad to be put upon."

"The song sort of speaks for itself," Kasher said, "being truly freaked out about all of us dying so much sooner than we may think."

Perhaps putting away your phone while biking would help? Just a suggestion.

Adult Film is out now on Saddle Creek.