LA Font Battles Their Demons In The City Of Angels On 'Diving Man'


City of Angels, more like City of Fallen -- that's the gist of "Diving Man," a new track from Los Angeles band LA Font off of the band's November 19 record by the same name.

"This one's autobiographical," lead singer Danny Bobbe told MTV Hive. "Not all of them are but this one is. Just being down and out in Los Angeles. String of bad jobs. No money. A couple of deadbeat friends. Drinking too much. Sneaking flasks of vodka into bars – the kind that doubles as rubbing alcohol."

Kicking off with an almost orchestral whine, the jam lends a lot of gravitas to being "down and out," swirling toward Bobbe's nasal-tinged (in a good way) wail: "My homesick prescription’s got me in a/ Real sick position/ I’m wondering how all of this will end." His laments then build toward the crashing refrain, in which he puns: "Until then a dive/ a dive/ a dive is fit for a diving man."

According to Bobbe, the jam is only a small part of the story told on the upcoming record from the still-unsigned band: "It's loud and guitary but packed with hooks," he said. "I think it tells a good story about kids living in L.A. in the 2010s –- bad at love and full of fight."

Diving Man is out on November 19 on New Professor.