Get Freaking Autumnal With Friends With Both Arms' ‘October Vibes’ Mix For MTV Hive


Get ready for the newest guest mix for MTV Hive, mixed up right by Nada Alic, founder of the excellent Toronto-based music blog Friends With Both Arms (FWBA): October Vibes, a divine set of fall-inspired tunes to feast your ears on.

When she’s not busy with her own monthly mixtape series, booking shows and running FWBA, Nada can be found hustling with the fine folks over at Etsy.

In this well-crafted letter to MTV Hive, Nada describes the mix:

This mix encompasses the breadth of vibes experienced in October, the vibes of thick denim, dead leaves, pumpkin everything, the return of the plaid-clad lumberjacks that occupy my neighborhood bus stop, black stockings and plum lips, rampant backyard squirrel activity. Morning frost, and cold hardwood floors. Rare appearances made by bare legs for those still defiantly mourning the season. Watching The Craft. Old sweater reunions. Eating jam as a ritual. Bruised apples. Gravy.

It's kind of a celebration of what we're leaving behind (the only humanly bearable season) to what we're about to confront (a rude, unwanted hibernation). The first track, coincidentally titled "Indian Summer" is indicative of my wishful thinking. Fall is here in full force and there's nothing I can do about it except talk about how I'm "for sure going to move back to California someday, you guys."

The rest of the mix features a variety of tunes I've been digging as of recently, including some of my favorites: Cate le Bon, Angel Olsen, PAPA and Polica. The only certain thing about Fall is the shorter days and the promise of new records, which provide a decent substitute for human company. Enjoy the mix and get outside before it all comes to an end.