Hi Fashion Gets Us Salivating In 'Pupusa' Video

Food and sex. They go together like "O"s and "Faces." And in Hi Fashion's new video for "Pupusa" -- off of their You Are Gorgeous EP -- the link between the two has never been so apparent. Hell, with lyrics like "I wanna eat it like a sandwich with a pickle" the L.A. dance-punk band is getting downright cannibalistic.

"Pupusa," in common terms, is a traditional Salvadoran dish made of corn tortillas. In Hi Fashion's video, it's much more -- it's an explosion of dance, colors and art, all drenched in a sexy, sexy sauce. Or, you know, perhaps another word for a body part that begins with a "p."

Hi Fashion gets campy with sexuality in the vid, with frontwoman Jen DM all kitted out in a modified fast food outfit -- matching facepaint included -- breaking it down in front of a restaurant that boasts fish tacos.

Replete with tons of ass-shaking (and slapping) -- paired with mentions of all manner of munchies (standout lyric? "I put M&Ms in my popcorn when I watch porn") -- "Pupusa" is a pleasantly satisfying explosion of weirdassery to rival the videos of Die Antwoord and their nemesis Lady Gaga.

Move over chocolate and oysters, "Pupusa" is the new aphrodisiac du jour.

You Are Gorgeous is out now.