SKATERS Will Dance Like They Don't Know How At ‘Artist To Watch Live’


Do you wanna dance, but don't know how? Well, fuck, do it anyway -- and preferably at our next Artist To Watch Live event, where New York band SKATERS will be ripping the place apart with songs from their Schemers EP and their upcoming debut record.

SKATERS includes Michael Ian Cummings, Noah Rubin, Dan Burke and Joshua Hubbard, a quartet of dudes -- who ironically do not skate -- who nabbed the attention of would-be moshers with their Schemers EP, which they released for free online in 2012, and their shout-along single, "I Wanna Dance (But I Don't Know How)."

After tearing apart last year's CMJ festival in New York City and earning praise from myriad music outlets -- and fans -- the band signed to Warner Bros. Records in February, hitting the road with the likes of Portugal. The Man and, currently, Palma Violets.

Garage rock is on the up and up, kids, and SKATERS is at the top of the heap -- which is why we've chosen the band to perform at our next Artist To Watch Live event, streaming right here from The Studio at Webster Hall on Monday, October 21, at 9:45 p.m. EST.

It'll be a sweaty good time, of that we're sure, so get your tickets nowabouts -- or dance (like you don't know how) all on your lonesome to our stream.

Skaters' debut LP is out on Warner Bros. Records on February 25, 2014.