PEP Curses A Wayward Lover -- '60s-Style -- On 'Stephen'

428247_450680204999789_2099573757_nIf you have a wayward beau out there somewhere named Stephen, well, then today is your lucky day, as PEP -- the side project of Starlight Girls drummer Karys Rhea -- has penned a "Wedding Bell Blues"-esque jam dedicated to ADD-addled dudes with that very name. The tune comes off of her upcoming debut album, My Baby and Me.

The Brooklyn-based musician's influences -- '60s girl groups like the Shangri-Las and The Ronettes -- shine through on the track, which could just as easily be found issuing from the radio of a 1967 Chevrolet Chevelle as from your iTunes.

A sweet, straight-forward throwback track about lost love, "Stephen" is replete with its share of whispered "shoo-bops" and sugary, sad "Stephen"-inspired rhymes: "Oh, Stephen/ You gave me the feelin' that we would be fine/ So when I went away I left my heart behind/ Now you're saying outta sight is outta mind."

Cue up this jam when you're set to share straws with your S-monikered dude -- or fixing to drop the milkshake in his lap and scram.

My Baby and Me is out December 3.