Wild Child Shows The Sweeter Side Of Twerking In Quirky 'Crazy Bird' Video

Hey. Miley Cyrus. Yeah, you. You might think your "We Can't Stop" video is the craziest on the block, but we have some news for you. Um... it isn't? That honor, without a doubt, goes to Wild Child and their food-filled, nonsense-replete video for "Crazy Bird," off of the band's sophomore album, The Runaround.

This video has it all, folks -- an old guy mowing the lawn in his underwear, all manner of snacks, muscly dudes working on their fitness, paint flying all akimbo, and, of course, lots and lots of denim-clad asses.

"We hadn't seen ["We Can't Stop"] before making ours," the Texas band's Kelsey Wilson told Hive.  "I suppose we would have made some changes if we knew Miley was going to make butts lame again... I like ours because we are real people I guess."

"The whole band is made up of a bunch of wild cards," she added, "so we all thought of the most random things we could and we filmed all of it! If it looked cool enough, it made the cut. Some things were way too hard. At one point we tried to have a bird and a cat together in the same shot -- we didn't think it through at all and we ended up with a crazy torn-apart room with 20 people chasing around this parakeet."

Despite the manic-ness of the video, "Crazy Bird" is what Wilson calls a "straight-forward love song," a sweet number replete with whistling in which Wilson and Alexander Beggins trade off singing about the craziness of falling for someone.

Cue the "Awww"s -- then the "Ohhh"s.

The Runaround is out now on The Noise Company. The band goes on tour this week.