Tancred Teaches Us How To Fold A Map With 'Creases'


There's a lot of metaphors out there for love, but we've never heard any so original as the one Tancred whips out in her single, "Creases," in which she instructs a potential paramour on how to fold a map. The jam comes off of Tancred's (a.k.a. Now, Now's Jess Abbott) upcoming self-titled record.

"'Creases' is about the moment you realize you're into someone and everything becomes less about what you say and more about what you do," Tancred  told Hive. "How you handle yourself. More specifically it's relative to a night I spent in Toronto on tour and what happened after. The song is about distance, too. The back story is all over the map."

In this case, "all over the map" is quite a literal expression, as the track opens with: "If I'm laying this map out for you could you make sure to fold it up right/ Because I make it so obvious for you/ Don't let the creases come between the lines."

A power pop kind of jam with vaguely emo undertones -- which makes sense since Abbott grew up listening to bands like American Football -- "Creases" is, apparently, about a specific map-folder -- one she says is currently "a Long way from the U.S." (emphasis her's).

Abbott, herself, is abysmal at folding up maps -- "I'm absolutely terrible at it," she told Hive, "God bless the iPhone" -- so we're not sure what that says about her relationship-having abilities. Perhaps we've got a case of the pot calling the kettle black here?

All that aside, "Creases" is a jam -- get it here.

Tancred is out October 15 on Topshelf Records.