Von Shakes Hits Up Coney Island In 'Bali II' Video

On their full-length debut album, Bohemia, indie-rock foursome Von Shakes capture a traveler's insatiable desire to see, live and do over a consistently energetic bass and reeling guitar. And while the Brooklyn-by-way-of-Dublin group may have their sights set on the beaches of Southern France or pyramids of Egypt, when you have to pay New York City rent, sometimes you have to settle for Coney Island.

But that's just fine for Paddy Brazel, Hugh O'Reilly, Cillian McSweeny and Ryan Normandin in their brand-new, Mark Verling-directed video for "Bali II," a track off their upcoming debut about being carefree and "perhaps a little reckless."

"The whole album features songs about adventures and journeys, mainly songs about experiences we have had or want to have," frontman Paddy Brazel told Hive. But since they couldn't exactly afford airfare to Indonesia, they gathered their friends for a day at the slightly more modest New York pier.

The video has a very old-fashioned, worry-free vibe to it – almost as if it was shot on a hazy, lazy summer day in the 1950s or '60s. It all makes sense for a song that pleads "Let's disappear" and "You need a trip/ So take my wrist." And according to Brazel, "old-fashioned" is exactly what they were going for on Bohemia. He tells Hive they wanted "no tricks and no processors," and the whole project took a mere eight days to make. "Eight happy days," he clarified, as they "partied every night" at HiLo studios in Eden, New York.

Sounds like a good group to hang with – even if it is at Coney Island.

Bohemia drops this fall.