Matt & Kim Unleash Anamanaguchi-fied Video For 'Overexposed'

Matt & Kim are mixing everything up on Lightning Remixes, a re-imagining of 2012's Lightning replete with mixes from the likes of SalvaBonde Do RoleYung Skeeter and Anamanaguchi. The latest to get a new spin? The video for sneeringly dancey jam "Overexposed," as rejiggered by Anamanaguchi.  MTV Hive has that vid -- along with an interview with the eclectic duo themselves -- below.

Matt & Kim are self-described control freaks. Not only are the duo a real-life couple -- which means they live together, play together and work together -- they also take ownership of the whole album-creation process (you guessed it, together). They self-produced Lightning, for which they are currently touring. “We are, I can tell, sometimes very difficult to work with because we just came from this world of doing, of being involved with everything, especially the music," Matt told Hive. "We self-produce, we record, [we] mixed two of our albums because we kind of wanted it to be 100% us."

While this kind of collaboration may seem a bit intense for most couples, Matt & Kim say it isn’t the case with them. “I will say we have a weird connection, so we see eye-to-eye on most everything,” Kim told Hive.

With their remix album, however, the duo saw eye-to-eye on letting go -- allowing other musicians to muck around with their music and come out with something new. "I thought this was very liberating," Matt said, "[We said], ‘Well, here’s the stems, the vocal tracks, the drum track or whatever, and just we trust what you’ve done and your style and I want to see what happens.’”

The wide-spanning sound of Lightning Remixes was born, in part, from Matt & Kim’s eclectic appeal -- they’ve played with a range of artists, from Blink-182 and My Chemical Romance to EDM acts at festivals like Ultra. “Sometimes we’ll show up and we’ll be the only act with a drum set in an all-electronic lineup,” Matt said. “But you know I always say Matt & Kim make sense wherever anyone wants to dance and get weird.”

Their kinship with electronic dance music inspired them to recruit artists in that vein for a full album of remixes. Matt & Kim curated which songs they gave to their collaborators. “[The approach was] ‘Let’s see what this person would do with this,’” Kim explained. “It was nice giving them something that might not be up their alley, and [seeing] how they can change it and make it more theirs.”

Anamanaguchi's chosen track, however, seemed tailored for the New York-based chip-tune punk artists. Matt & Kim met the band at their old practice space. “[They have] such a cool, high energy fun vibe,” Matt said. “You know, a lot in the way I see Matt & Kim, but you know in quite a different sound… We were thinking about ‘Overexposed’ and it in itself had that sort of fast like, you know, high BPM, fun vibe about it, [and we thought] ‘Well, maybe we should have them do this song, it’s right up their alley.’”

“I remember when we were making ‘Overexposed,’ it was at 200 beats per minute and we pushed it up to two-hundred-and-one beats per minute just ‘cause we felt that was like a very you know, ‘Well it goes to 11 idea’,” Matt said, laughing. “Why stop at 200?” That manic speed lent itself nicely to the hyperness of the candy-colored band from Brooklyn.

The song’s video-gamed-out video is also a re-interpretation of the original one Matt and Kim made for Lightning. Check all that wild weirdness above.

BONUS REMIX: We asked Matt what remix he would craft in honor of the government shutdown, which started on the day Matt & Kim dropped Lightning Remixes:  "It should be waiting room music like ‘Girl From Ipanema,’ like (Matt sings ‘da danana'), but remixed by Slayer. So it’s just like this really violent-sounding waiting room music as we wait to see.”