Find Paradise With Monster Rally’s ‘Palm Village’


Ted Feighan, mastermind behind the hypnotic sample-based Tropicalia that is Monster Rally, is set to release Return to Paradise, his third full-length under the moniker and most well-built LP to date, on October 29. Prior to release date we’ve got the premiere of second single "Palm Village," a timeless exotica cut that manages to groove just as hard as it kicks back.

“In my mind, the space the track occupies reminds me equally of floating down a river in some exotic jungle, surrounded by palms, and playing a hidden jungle level in Sonic 2,” Feighan told Hive. Backed by an unwavering Feighan beat and lush with flute and wind chimes, Palm Village mimics the Monster Rally live show, a mesmerizing blend of fantasy and reality, leaving the listener somewhere in between. Coming in at just over two minutes, Feighan has an aptness for establishing mood and tone quickly. Inherently nostalgic and organic, "Palm Village" uses eclecticism with purpose.

“I imagine 'Palm Village' would be the name of the level in the game. I think this is because the elements in the song shouldn't necessary go together and that feeling of something being familiar, yet foreign/impossible reminds me a lot of those old video games," Feighan adds. Float away with "Palm Village" below:

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Return to Paradise is out October 29 on Gold Robot Records.