Beware Of Darkness Dances With Death In 'All Who Remain' Lyric Video

As if their name isn't warning enough, L.A.-based trio Beware of Darkness make it clear on their debut album that they aren't here to comfort you – nor to brush your hair and tell you everything will be all right. In fact, if you pull back the heavy guitars and riffs that seem to signal a good time, Orthodox is pretty damn dark. Case in point: the band's new lyric video for "All Who Remain."

Darkness is exactly what Kyle Nicolaides, Tony Cupito and Daniel Curcio expected when they decided to devote their first project to one topic: death. "All Who Remain" is at times bitter -- calling God a "criminal" who takes life "like marble candy" -- at other times downright sad -- "If I can't have you in this life then I don't want this life at all." It's like the first stage in mourning the loss of a loved one, when the first stings of pain are far from numb.

Nicolaides tells Hive they wanted a video that, like the song itself, is "beautiful and tragic, annihilating and gorgeous at the same time" -- and the clip hits that right on the sniffling nose. Set in a beautiful but barren field, it follows a man mourning his lost love and grieving what's left on Earth without her.

"[Death] changes you. Death is a catalyst. There are different views on death within the record," he explained, pointing to "All Who Remain" and the more numb "Heart Attack." "Two completely different views. One says, my world fell apart, and the other says, no one cares."

Orthodox is out now on Bright Antenna Records.