Hive Horoscopes: Shedding Light On Oneohtrix Point Never’s 'R Plus Seven'


Oneohtrix Point Never’s R Plus Seven drops today with the Sun gloriously shining in the sign of Libra and the Moon reflecting on the powers of Leo. So light your candles, put on your ritual robe and let’s get some cosmic perspective on Daniel Lopatin of Oneohtrix Point Never, our current planetary motions and the significance of this release date.

Daniel is a Leo, which puts his desire to be on stage... well, center-stage. This can be interpreted as an egotistic desire, but let’s examine this by considering the element of fire. Often when we think of fire, we go to either end of the extreme -- we think of the easily extinguishable lit match with its tiny flame, or a raging forest fire greedily consuming and spreading. Leo’s expression through the element of fire is neither easily snuffed nor greedy. It’s a tall bonfire, maintaining itself, providing warmth and light. As a performer, Daniel is building his creative bonfire, building an outlet for expression that will last and will provide a “bonfire,” a place to gather and share. No burning out or fading away -- and it’s got nothing to do with ego. Being creative and sharing is just what the Sun in Leo has to do.

Currently, the Sun is in relationship-oriented, cooperation-loving, diplomatic, both-ends-of-the-candle burning Libra, a cardinal Air sign that celebrates intellect and justice. And remember that tiny match flame we talked about earlier? If that flame isn’t blown out quick enough, it can do quite a bit of damage. Uranus, the contrary and genius planet of rebellion, is currently in Aries, whose expression of Fire is a bit like that innocent match flame that leads (and does so unexpectedly when Uranus is around) to massive drama. So what does it mean when the Sun is in Libra opposing Uranus in Aries? Arguments, fights, confrontations and demanded explanations!

Daniel may be a Leo, but he has quiet a few planets in Libra. His album is being released during a time when unexpected chaos and other people’s issues and dramas are being hurled at him. But he’s not alone! The Sun in Libra is there for reinforcements, helping him and helping us. For Daniel in particular, Uranus is shooting its nasty glances at his Pallas Athena, the asteroid symbolizing feminine wisdom. Daniel’s certain of his inner truth, and the Sun’s current placement has his back. What else does Daniel have in Libra? Pluto, the god of the underworld, death and rebirth, and Mars, the god of war. And they aren’t just both in Libra -- they’re at the same degree! This is a force to be reckoned with. Actually, it’s really pretty scary -- and exactly the kind of energy you want behind you when someone’s attempting to go to war with you. Uranus has quite a bit to be scared of, and anyone who dreams of picking a fight with Daniel is going to be served with all the proof that they need that they are wrong.

Having people who love, care and believe in you makes facing confrontation easier. Having a posse behind you keeps the bullies at bay, and R Plus Sevem provides a musical support system for deflecting negative activity. Kind of like a dream catcher -- but for real life, not dreams, and through vibration, not deer sinew.

And now, your horoscopes!


You’re not giving in and you’re not giving up -- but you’re watching everyone else drop like flies. Don’t get involved and don’t try to help. Continue focusing on yourself, because you may find your resources sapped if you try too hard to help others make up for what they don’t have.


You have been undergoing a year all about releasing and purging, yet peope are eager to team up with you, and are likely seeking your approval or asking you to commit. Don’t take on any new projects right now, first finish considering whether or not you want to hold on to old ones.


This is a highly psychic and sensitive time for Geminis, and you’ll find that people are eager to share their secrets with you in the hopes that you’ll have some answers or insight. This is also an important time for you to pay attention to your body, enjoy the last few weeks of warmish weather bike riding and long walks while you can! You’ll find movement to be very therapeutic and necessary.


Cancers continue to feel the pressure from all angles -- unexpected chaos at work, lovers and friends deciding they need to go off and soul search -- while having to deal with overbearing people in the home. You’ll find peace with the unfamiliar and the new -- routine is not cutting it for you this week.


Relationships, the good and the bad, are what’s in focus for you this week. Who do you want to partner with and why. Or an even better question: Why do they want to partner with you? You may have been thinking over what people’s true intensions are, and why they are so eager to commit.


Virgos, in addition to the Geminis, are highly psychic and sensitive this week, and for you dear Virgo, you will likely be doing some investigatory work for a friend who needs you to act as a spy or a medium. Is it worth getting caught? You’re all about avoiding drama these days, so maybe you will want to pass this job off on the Geminis this week!


Your passion has been ignited, and you’re feeling hot and ready to go. This is an excellent week for feeling powerful, your self esteem is high, and financial situations seem to be going well. If you’re in a relationship, in the next few weeks you’ll find the two of you getting more intimate, and if you’re single, you may meet someone new.


A project or issue you recently have been thinking of giving up on has brought itself back to life. You may be getting a second chance to make some much needed improvements; however, this is not the best time for you to be working in a team. Go it alone, and do it your way.


Remember how you felt the first time your parents let you spend the night at home alone? So exciting -- that’s sort of how you feel now. You’re free to do whatever you would, and it doesn’t look like you’ll get caught either.


This is an excellent week to get rid of stuff -- stuff in your drawers, stuff under your bed, the stuff on your computer. Get it out -- you feel crowded, and nothing new can come in for you if all the space is being taken up by the “old stuff.” Also, this is a great week for meeting new loves, so you may as well clean up your room anyway!


Do you remember the last time you were really truly jealous of someone? Meditate on that. Sometime this week someone may feel that way about you, and it would be to your benefit to quickly and easily be able to relate to them, get on their level and talk it out before any messes are made.


Settling debts and returning the favor are a theme for you this week, Pisces. You may run in to some friends (rather, ex-friends), who would love to give or receive an apology and an explanation. Give it to them -- this is also a great week for “making up” and moving on.

R Plus Seven is out now on Warp Records.

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