Matt Pinfield Talks With Black Prairie On 'The Hivecast'


Four-fifths of the Decemberists are in Black Prairie, but the band is more than a Decemberists’ side-project – with two albums already out, and tours and festival slots under their belt, the band exists as its own entity. Still, that didn’t keep Matt Pinfield from pumping the guys and ladies in Black Prairie for a little bit of inside info about what’s next for the currently-on-break Decemberists -- and that band’s polymath frontman Colin Meloy -- when they joined him for the latest episode of The Hivecast with Matt Pinfield.

“Colin's good. He just finished the third installment of his [children’s fantasy novel] 'Wildwood' trilogy – he's been writing books like crazy,” the band’s Nate Query told Matt before offering a big reveal: “Decemberists did some recording in early summer. We were going to get together and try out some songs, and actually recorded three songs in, like, three days. I don't think people are supposed to know that, but I don't care,” he said with a laugh. “We'll start working on a record around end of year, but I think actually Black Prairie will probably lap the Decemberists, with one more release before the Decemberists album.”

The details on that album are a bit more clear – but only a bit. “We don't even have any songs, because Black Prairie has been so busy,” he said. “In October, we'll really concentrate [on writing] and in November, we're going to make a record with this guy named Vance Powell, who works a lot with Jack White and many others. He's going to come up from Nashville into Portland, and then I think it will come out early next year. So we'll try to keep the momentum going.”

We have no doubt that they’ll have an easy enough time doing that. For more, check out the full Hivecast. [Download & subscribe to the Hivecast via iTunes.]

The Hivecast Ep. 48 - Black Prairie