Midnight Faces Share Grave Video For 'Fornication'

If you're looking for a "dead ringer" of a creepy video as Halloween draws near, look no further than the vid for Midnight Faces' "Fornication," off of the band's debut album by the same name.

Multi-instrumentalist Matthew Doty, alongside vocalist Philip Stancil, make up the L.A.-based duo. These two seasoned musicians create a unique sound on their debut album, Fornication -- a blend of synth-driven melodies and soaring vocals that kicks off with the titular track, which is replete with eerie vocals and sad strains. “I wanted to paint a picture of despair, so I headed to the dark side for this song,” said Stancil.

To add visuals to this aural dark side, Midnight Faces called on directors Stephen Venezia and Dan Giraldo; after being introduced through a mutual friend they “were drawn in by their enthusiasm and previous work."

The video follows a man in the 1800s who is building what's called a "safety coffin" for his lover. What's a safety coffin? It's a special kind of deal that prevents one from burying a loved one alive via a bell that's strung through the coffin on a string. The bell hovers above the grave, and if the buried party suddenly comes back to life -- or wakes up -- they can ring it for help. Folks could then literally be “saved by the bell” -- pre-Zach Morris.

In the video, the man is overjoyed when he hears the bell ringing one day, rushing to the woman's grave to dig her up. As the bell jangles frantically, he gets to his knees and digs up the coffin by hand to find... Well, we won't ruin the ending.

When asked about this concept the duo told Hive, “We sat down with Stephen Venezia and Dan Giraldo with basic ideas we wanted to represent in the video -- love, hope, despair, eeriness... Safety coffin was not a keyword we brought to the table, but we were all in agreement when the idea started to emerge.”

The duo isn't encouraging people to go around digging up coffins in hopes of finding their loved ones still breathing, though. “We can't be the reason for a zombie apocalypse," they said.

True, that would definitely cut down record sales.

Fornication is out now on Broken Factory.