Nire Bends Genres Hard On 'Veil,' Her New Mix For MTV Hive


Queens native and powerhouse DJ Nire has been making waves in the underground NYC music communities with her atypical approach to dance music for more than five years now. A graduate of the infamous Red Bull Music Academy in Melbourne, Australia, Nire is consistently one step ahead of the game. Nire, who has held residencies at two of the most cutting-edge underground parties -- BPM in Lower Manhattan and Full Service in Brooklyn -- shows no signs of slowing down, either. Prior to the release of her debut album One Never Know Do One, Nire was kind enough to put together Veil, the latest exclusive mix for MTV Hive.

“Veil is a compilation of my production, remixes/edits and a sprinkle of my vocals accompanied with artists that I am currently working with,” she told Hive. With remarkably forward-thinking production, Nire holds nothing back on this one.

"Veil was inspired by the spirit of adventure that has embraced me more and more on my recent journeys,” she added. Coming in at just over a half an hour, Nire brings that hard-hitting dance music with her flare for UK Bass and rap.

Highlights include her edit of A$AP Ferg’s "Shabba," which was recently added to Interview Magazine’s New York Fashion Week soundtrack, and an amazing collaboration with Parker Posey on “Plazma.”

Grind hard and lift the Veil below: