Auction For The Promise Club Braces For A Breakdown In 'Walk The Line' Video

Far from the boisterous buzz of musical melting pots like New York and Los Angeles, there's a sound coming from a small fishing village in the English region of Cornwall, and it's one that demands attention. It’s that of Auction for the Promise Club's Zoe White-Chambers – a voice that's smooth without losing its edge, that beckons you without promising security. And that voice is on full display in the band's new video for "Walk The Line."

White-Chambers, alongside bandmates Perran Tremewan and Toby White-Chambers, make up the indie-rock trio -- the de facto voice of St. Agnes, which they call a "picturesque" village at the southernmost point of the U.K.

"We live by the sea and the countryside, so I guess that comes across in the music sometimes," Toby White-Chambers told Hive. "The mellow subtle landscapes and weather can turn into rugged turmoil within hours."

That turmoil is fully evident "Walk The Line," starring Zoe herself. It's a poignant track about inner wars and second-guessing whose stirring guitar matches the subdued uproar of the lyrics – ones that question what's beneath the lies and advise us not to keep everyone "at arm's length."

The clip, in essence, is a four-minute narrative depicting Zoe at war with herself: Trying to break through to a silent and stone-faced Zoe in the first scene, interrogating her in an "SVU"-like chamber in the next. It's all meant to capture what Toby White-Chambers calls those "inner discussions" – "people have inner turmoil maybe that they go over in their head," he told us -- the ones that can grow so loud that they end in a full-on emotional breakdown.