Watch Chvrches Perform 'Recover,' 'We Sink' And More On 'Artist To Watch' Live

Chvrches hit the stage last week for our Artist To Watch Live event in New York City, where they rocked out with a cadre of songs from their debut LP, The Bones Of What You Believe.

The Scottish electro-pop band has managed to build up a solid wall of buzz this past year — all on the power of their excellent Recover EP, which dropped in March. Replete with danceable yet darkly driving jams — cut through with Lauren Mayberry’s bell-toned voice — the EP had us slathering for full-length effort, The Bones of What You Believe, which dropped this week (September 24).

In an interview with MTV, Chvrches were humble about their burgeoning fame. "I don't think we'd consider ourselves famous at this point," Martin Doherty told us. "We're just getting on with what we're doing. I think we've got a bit to go before we can say that."

But now that their '80-tinged debut is out of the bag, we're sure that that is all primed to change.

"A lot of our earliest, most impressionable moments with music were when we were growing up watching movies and the songs from the soundtracks, but also the score," Iain Cook said, speaking about what influences the band's sound. "A lot of sci-fi and horror scores from the '80s where they wouldn't use orchestras and they would use electronic instruments, I guess for budgetary reasons or whatever, tend to be particularly memorable, because they can be really gnarly and they work really well with the gore."

If you have yet to hear any of the band's "gnarly" debut effort, you're in luck. We have footage of the trio performing five of their tracks live at The Studio at Webster Hall, including breakout singles "Recover" and "The Mother We Share." Check them out right about here.

The Bones of What You Believe is out now on Glassnote.