Spaceships Regress Hardcore In 'Little' Video

Naysayers often think of bands as perpetual, messy Peter Pans who live off of pizza and malcontent. That's the ethos in the Spaceships' video for "Little" -- off of their debut LP Cool Breeze Over The Mountains -- but the song and accompanying visuals are more about overcoming childhood powerlessness than reveling in it.

"When I was 19, I tried to take a break from school and start a band with Kevin," said the band's Jesse Waite, referring to bandmate Kevin LaRose. "At the time, a conversation with my dad got really intense and I got kicked out of the house. I left California to live in New York for a while, and didn't speak to my dad for a little over a year. When something like that happens, it brings up feelings like when you're little and powerless, and this song is kind of reclamation of power."

The video has a more whimsical feel than that description, seeing the band scooting around on the floor on their backs like lazy babies and eating pizza -- messily -- off of records. The carefree imagery stands in stark opposition to lyrics like, "It's all fucked/ When I was a baby I just said OK/ And I ran, I ran, I ran," the fuzzed-out sound more baleful than joyful.

"I would like them to hear this as the last song of their 10-year high school reunion dance and no one asks them to dance and they think about life," LaRose said of the song when asked what he hopes people do while listening.

Well, OK then. I think we'd rather just eat pizza.

Cool Breeze Over the Mountains is out now on Mock Records.