Hive Horoscopes: Tracking Au Revoir Simone's 'Move In Spectrums'

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Dream synth-pop team Au Revoir Simone’s album Move in Spectrums was released today, so in a cloud of sandalwood incense, upon my silk throne of pillows, I will delve into the psyches of Annie, Erika and Heather -- by means of tarot and astrology.

If this planetary period isn’t a great time to release an album, I don’t know what is. We’ve just passed the equinox this weekend, the balance of day and night, which can be interpreted as the balance of our aggressive/active and observant/passive natures. People’s attention has shifted from perfecting themselves to the consideration of others. We are preparing to confront those who add instability in our lives, and are honoring the mystic within ourselves, who is always spot-on about others' intentions.

Au Revoir Simone’s Move in Spectrums has been released just as we became ready to enjoy the company of others, yet also have strength to draw a line in the sand when we need to. Let’s take a peek:

The element of Earth is what these ladies all have in common in their horoscopes, suggesting they are devoted to their creative process, seeking to make “real” and tangible what they feel in their hearts. The earthiest of the three is Erika Spring, with the Sun and Mercury in Taurus, and Jupiter, Mars and Saturn in Virgo. Erika’s path is that of the craftswoman, creating beauty for all to enjoy is her destiny. This is a woman who to sticks to her plans and ideas, and will not let go until they are seen through. On the date of their new album’s release, transiting Uranus is getting close and comfy with Erika’s natal Pallas Athena, an Asteroid. Has she recently asserted her independence? Has she shocked someone with some information they didn’t see coming? Perhaps this message is contained in the album.

Next up, we have Heather the Virgo, who relates to Erika intellectually, and who takes Erika’s visions and ideas and then helps plot out how they will come into reality. Heather may usually be the most cautious of the three, but no sir, not today on the release of their album. Transiting Jupiter is exaggerating, expanding and bringing to center-stage her sense of adventure, her aggressive side and her power. Heather may have left her inhibitions at the door for this album, and its release may be marking a time in her life where she has no fears.

The most Water-heavy of the three is Annie, the Cancer -- a.k.a. Momma of the band. While Annie’s chart isn’t slacking on the Earth element, if Erika and Heather are the nymphs playing in the forrest, telling the gnomes how to build houses and chop wood, Annie is the undine under the sea, and she isn’t exactly wishing for feet. Annie’s artistic expression may be the most emotional of the three, and as Jupiter comes to her Sun, she may be finding it impossible to avoid confronting her desires. Like Heather, she is currently in a period of re-realization of her power.

To investigate what energies and vapors will touch us through the message of this album, I’ve decided to pull a Tarot card and see what the message tells.

The 9 of Cups, Reversed

Being of the Cups suite, this album will not be emotionally lacking by any means. A sense of unfinished business looms in the air, but there is an excitement around going deeper and deeper into the trance. This is a lovely card, reversed or right-side up. This album wasn’t a product of misery or of tortured artists -- it was created by lovers and dreamers.

Do you have a hard time making your dreams into reality? With each other, the ladies of Au Revoir Simone have been able to do it. This album can inspire the same within you.

And now, your horoscopes!


I hope you’ve found someone to k-i-s-s in a tree with and aren’t hiding up one because you let your temper get away from you. It’s all good. No matter what, people will be willing to hear you out, whether it’s an apology or a love song. Nothing’s going to stop you from being a showoff this week, so keep yourself in check, and spread love, not war


No one’s cutting you a break this week when it comes to privacy. The what, where and why continues to be asked of you, and providing answers may prove to be exhausting. Keep in mind this week that no one has the right to psychoanalyze you except the doctor you pay for.


Your attention has shifted from making sure things are ready, set, go! at home, and now party mode has begun full swing. You’re even beginning to have a wonderful time at work. The only thing holding you back right now is the pressure your debts are placing on you -- things will improve in this arena around mid-October, but in the meantime, don’t continue maxing out your card with all the fun you’re having.


It’s a lovely dreamy week for Cancers, as they find their lovers easily acquiescing to their requests. If you’re unattached, your social life will certainly be getting a boost, and you may be finding that when you’re not out and about, you’re wasting your time.


You’re both the lion and the tamer this week, baby! Your talents are shining through, but you may be finding that you’ve got to whip some whiney, stubborn people into line. You’re juggling between showing people what you’ve got, while keeping others in place. It’s hard, but if anyone can do it, it’s you.


Dear Virgo, I know you usually don’t care for astrology and its “pseudo scientific” nature, but if you find some cash you didn’t know you had in the coming month, I must say, I told you so. If you don’t literally find cash, you will certainly discover some talent you were not previously aware of. In that case, I will also tell you, I told you so.


Happy Birthday Libra! You love saying “yes,” but right now, if someone wants your opinion, say no. If someone wants your money, say no. You have license to be selfish, as giving too much of yourself away is leading to unwanted confrontations and others asking for more, more, more.


The lover in you continues to bite and scratch, asking you if you could be doing anything better. Focus on educating yourself as much as possible on your conundrum, and stop being so self-critical. That’s all you can do right now.


You may find yourself joining a group of people you never expected to spend time with -- have fun! You’re long overdue for adventure, after the last month of focusing on work and perfecting your skills.


Have you noticed lately that people’s best traits have seemed more exciting than normal? Or that their unsavory side has been more repulsive to you than typical? This theme will continue for you, and you can expect to meet some more wacky characters this coming week, particularly those who may help you expose a secret, or deliver to you some ripe gossip. You may find this information helps you get ahead at work, or creatively.


While you normally like to play scientist, and observe those around you, you’re finding that lately you are the one under the microscope. All this attention may make you feel flustered, and you’re not quiet ready to show everyone what you’ve got going on. But, you may benefit from a little exposure -- your reputation or status looks like it’s on the rise, so if people want to know more about you, give it to them!


Your invisibility cloak seems to be working just fine this week, as you’re able to avoid any unwanted attention. Doing a “good job” at work nowadays seems to mean throwing a good party, and if you need help settling any physical, emotional or financial debts, help through a coworker or like-minded creative type will help.