Ultrademon Gets Straight (Edge) Trippy In 'Automatic' Video

Trippy visuals usually accompany drugged-out jams -- but not in the case of Seapunk musician Ultrademon's new video for the jam, "Automatic," featuring ShowYouSuck (and styled and creative consulted by fellow Seapunker Shan Beaste).

"I was familiar with Clinton Sandier's music [ShowYouSuck] and really wanted to work with him since he is a Straight Edge rapper," Ultrademon (a.k.a. Albert Redwine) told Hive. "I thought it was really cool to work with a rapper that is essentially sober by most cultural norms. Rappers out there are put on such high platforms, glorified and yet they are wasted all the time, whereas ShowYouSuck is not."

"In a way I'm sort of straight edge, too," Ultrademon added. "I'm raw vegan, I don't drink or do synthetic drugs either, so I could relate to Clinton. I could also relate since we are both a part of cultural movements, mine being Seapunk, his being SXE."

Despite the duo's allegiance to clean-living, the song and Todd Diederich- and Ellie Perkins-directed video will likely make you feel like you're under the influence of something as pulsating green hieroglyphics dance over the proceedings -- ShowYouSuck rapping in a dim room, Ultrademon lurking in the background, aping the rapper's movements. The whole vid starts kaleidoscoping about midway through, matching dark visuals with the collage of sounds that is "Automatic."

"The title 'Automatic' speaks to me in a way, that we live in a world where we are pressured to follow the flow and take part in toxic traditions," Ultrademon said of the track, which comes off of the Japanese re-issue of his album Seapunk. "There is a whole world out there in front of us, but most people are too intoxicated to realize the depth of reality, or maybe too numb to deal with the somewhat depressing true nature of our collective reality. If they did then maybe we could start solving some of the problems we face as a species."

Seapunk is out now via Fire For Effect / Rephlex / melting bot.